DS Copy Protection??

Alot of DS owners who obtain DS games from the internet for playing in flash carts, now have something to worry about if it becomes standard in new releases. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:Rings of Fate hit US stores on Mar 11th and subsequently pirates hacked and produced a ROM image for distribution on the Internet. Soon enough they were hit with what they feared 20 minutes into the game. Square-Enix has adopted a new copy protection scheme which allows the unbeknown player to play for a random interval before locking them out and presenting them with a “Thank You for playing screen”. This has hit alot of flash cart users and currently seems to be related to a firmware problem. Many users have speculated that the ROM does a CRC check sum to test whether it has be patched to run on unauthorised hardware (ie. Flash Carts).

Of course this wont deter pirates from cracking this protection scheme and I don’t expect this new protection to appear in mnay DS games.