First update in a while….

With university starting again and the load of assignments which gets handed to me week after week, it’s really hard to find time to update this blog. Though my busy schedule has moved me away from console games, I still manage to find time for handheld games. Some of the more interesting ones are currently Rittai Picross which is essentially a 3D reindition of the previous Picross game. Though fans of the previous game maybe worried that the formula that made the previous game work so well might be lost in the translation to 3D however surprisingly, it works..and quite well at it too. There’s a huge number of puzzles too and while I’m only about half way through, it’s hard to put it down. There’s just that level of addiction being able to solve some of the puzzles quick achieving a 3 star rating to being stumped on a certain section of a puzzle for over 20 mins.

Other games i’m playing at the moment is Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the DS. The game takes various elements from the GTA formula and attempts to pack all of them into the DS and surprisingly it’s good. While it doesn’t have the same graphical look like the console iterations which was achieved on the PSP, the DS however creates it’s own stylized look to the franchise taking more of the same look from the images that are displayed from the GTA Art. Most of the elements that made GTA so good is still intact, you’ll still be stealing cars and the city is pretty much unlocked from the start borrowing the similar locales from GTA IV. The only problems I had with the game is that not all elements are in such as getting dates, there’s not alot of store you can visit and the drug dealing system is abit shallow as you’re pretty much taking drugs from one dealer and selling it to another and earning cash that way when being able to take what you bought and being the dealer yourself and doing meetups and trades with anyone could have added more depth to it. But hey, can’t complain as it’s not a very massive part of the game and more like a side quest.

There’s really not much at the moment, though, I really want to start on my copy of Last Reminent on PC since it’s the most definitive version of them all.






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