Wii: Let’s Tap Impressions

Demonstrated at the Tokyo Game Show 08, Let’s Tap is a Wii exclusive from Sonic creator Yuji Naka’s studio Prope utilizing the Wii Remote in a brand new way. Let’s Tap uses the Wii Remote face down on a surface and detects vibrations using the remotes accelerometers. The game features a variety of mini games such as Tap Runner, Rhythm Tap, Visualizer, Silent Blocks and Bubble Voyager. Each game focuses on a particular way of tapping such as light tapping for running and hard tapping for jumping.

Having played abit of the game, the package feels more like a demo than a full featured game. The Visualizers are only there for a look and Tap Runner and Rhythm Tap feel more like demonstrations of the technology involved. While there are a few multi player modes and a battle mode for Bubble Voyager, there isn’t really any depth to any of them. Some of the games do suffer from tap sensitivity issues, Rhythm Tap seems to register Taps no matter how soft or hard it is and miss firing seems to occur too often in Bubble Voyager. Navigating through menus using the Tap controls is a chore, as often the game will register a single tap instead of double. The visual style of the game looks great though simplistic akin to the Rez feel and there’s never any slow down. The soundtrack is also lively and completely original with the large amount of songs used in Rhythm Tap. Overall the package has a fair amount of modes but the lack of depth and control issues hinder it’s experience. Let’s hope they fix this for the final release in our territories sometime next year.





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