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Now approaching December and the releases of new games just keeps growing. I’ve just finished Fable II on Xbox 360 and it is a good game with good production values that still needs abit more refining. The overall core gameplay is entertaining but i had issues with the lag time of trying to use magic. The problem was pressing the magic button and having either nothing happening or putting your current weapon away and starting to charge magic. Though I’ve heard of alot of people using magic alot, the overall power of it isn’t much at all.

On the Wii side, I’ve just finished Call of Duty World at War. It uses a heavily modified COD4 engine and hence it looks and sounds great and better than most titles on the Wii. One of the best features of the game is the Online Multiplayer which though, still limited compared to the other systems, is still one of the best on the Wii. Though the game practically the same core campaign as the Next Gen versions, I wish they would try to push the same multiplayer content and also keep all campaign intact as there is all the vehicle missions missing, especially the one taking control of a turret on a plane shooting down enemies.

I’ll be writing things up for them in the next couple of days. As for my games line up over the holidays….

Must finish:
Eternal Sonata – Xbox 360
Castlevania Order of Eccesia – DS
Star Ocean: First Departure – PSP

Luminous Arc – DS (Will probably skip to Luminous Arc 2)
Kingdom Hearts – PS2
Final Fantasy XII – PS2

Grand Theft Auto IV – Xbox 360
Devil May Cry 4 – Xbox 360
Lost Odessey – Xbox 360

for now…..and any others I feel like playing while I have free time.






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