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This week is terrible…an exam coming up.

In the meantime i’ve been catching more time on Fable II on Xbox 360. It’s a simple game that has a couple of bugs. Some of them are game crashing but a majority are just exploitable. The money generation in the game is a joke. As soon as you earn one property, you can simply change the time on your Xbox and gain heaps of Gold. I also find that there really isnt much to do besides achievements and Properties which is the main way to become rich.

The other game on 360 is GTA IV. The game has been simplified serverly from GTA:San Andreas on PS2 and now there’s no property. I’m still wondering how anyone can get rich from the game. Other things is that the physics engine now makes car handling a bit tricky but the story is still there. I don’t really find Nikhil a like able guy and michelle screams whore. The police is now easier to escape from and it really feels like it’s been simplified for a broader audience. Then again, the mature content doesnt help this in anyway.

Castlevania: Order of Ecceia is awesome. On the DS it really shines of the castlevania franchise. Playing Shonoa???(Need to check), it’s not really only a side scroll platform game but hybrid with RPG elements. The boss fights are both challenging and fun at the same time without every being too excruciatingly difficult and becomes more of a puzzler than a battle where learning patterns is the way to go.

Star Ocean:First Departure on PSP is looking good. The characters are still in 2D but the backgrounds and settings are all visually upgraded to 3D. The story is ok but i feel that the pacing is bit slow and because of the variety of paths, i find myself not wanting to play because i want to make sure that the path i’m choosing obtains the best ending. However there is a weird bug in the battle system where the game doesnt like layering character over each other so when there’s another character on your side, the character moves to the other side to attack. It’s kinda annoying and shouldn’t be occuring on an RPG that is upgraded to fit current standards. It’s still random battles but you’d expect that since it is trying to retain it’s original formula.

That’s it for now!.

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