E3 2008

Wow…I haven’t done one of these in a while. So far E3 this year is looking okay, Microsoft just had their press conference and it’s looking to be a stunning year with all the new games and IPs being launched. Their press conference, however, did bring back the old “hey! they’re making heaps of money off that idea! lets copy it!.” feel. Instantly as they announced the new interface for the Xbox 360, did they also announce the new 360 “Mii”s or avatars for the live service. The whole thing seems like a blatant rip off from Nintendo and is being developed by Rare, a former subsidy of Nintendo. The update to the interface did bring a sporty new look which the current menu design surely needs. “Lips”, a new IP to the Xbox looks exactly like a sing star clone all the way to the game mechanics and interface. However, the most surprising news to come out of the conference is that Final Fantasy XIII is coming to Xbox!. The first true final fantasy to be launched simultaneously on both PS3 and xbox 360 (Final Fantasy XI doesn’t count!).

Oh well..I’m more interested in the Nintendo Press Conference anyway since it usually is the most entertaining to me.

On the gaming side, I haven’t really been doing much at all. I’ve finished Assassin’s Creed, and boy does that ending make one go “Huh?”. The game mechanics in it were awesome and the “sandbox world” (which it isn’t really) is very impressive. The only downfall is the fighting system where the enemies seem more like they’re lining up for you to take them down one by one which isn’t even hard. Not only do they stand around you, just waiting for you to attack, they just stand there watching each comrade get taken down one by one. The challenge of fighting is taken out by the combination of the poorly implemented AI with the counter system which basically gives immediate invulnerability and one hit kill. With that said, the game is still impressive and should definitely be played by all. The cities are vastly populated and unique that it immediately immerses you in it’s environments. The citizens are varied and each have their unique phrases which change accordingly with your actions as Altair.

Eternal Sonata is one game which I hope to finish soon. This RPG developed by Tri-Crescendo gives the feel of a Star Ocean game but in a completely different world. The story is touching and characters like-able in their own ways. I hope to do a write up about it once I’m done.






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