Wild Arms XF is looking good so far.

After 10 minutes into the game, my initial impression is overall good. The Battle system has adopted the console Hex based grid system but into a more larger context. The Hex system now covers the entirety of the map requiring your character to move in this system. The magic in this version known as ‘Originals’ allow your player to cast elemental magic or healing magic. The Story follows young Clarissa Arwin in her quest to retrieve her Mother’s Sword and while this does sound kinda cliche it’s typical for most Jap RPGs. The story is told through character stills and images broken up by the occasional cut scene. The Dubbing in this is atrocious and fans definitely will be switching the audio to Japanese. The missions in the game so far have been varied and attempts to encompass story elements into the missions themselves which are pretty interesting so far. Some missions have you trying to escape from a village where you basically have to go from one side to another side of the map while avoiding enemies which are often hinted as to which to avoid by their ridiculous levels. Other missions have you releasing prisoners from their houses whilist avoiding guards roaming the area. The visuals ,at first glance, look like they originated from a flash game but the more time you spend playing, the less noticable it becomes.

Overall the game has a good feel to it. Expect more later.






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